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Del Mar California History

The beautiful seaside village of Del Mar has a rich history in California. Founded in 1885 by Colonel Jacob Taylor, Del Mar was developed as a seaside resort and vacation getaway on the Southern California coast. By 1910, Del Mar was  an elegant retreat for Hollywood stars of the silent film days. Stroll through the historic downtown village of Del Mar to beautiful landmarks, historic buildings and homes.
With its vintage coastal charm, natural elegance and a deep connection to the past, Del Mar is the crown jewel of San Diego. Jacob Taylor would be pleased to know that his vision has retained its allure for travelers from all over the world.

Del Mar History - Del Mar Fairgrounds -

When the Del Mar Fairgrounds opened in 1936, it became the home of the San Diego County Fair, attracting thousands to Del Mar. The final touch on the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the mile-long oval racetrack, made Del Mar an exciting destination. Under the leadership of Bing Crosby, Del Mar Turf Club came to life and a new era of horseracing began on this legendary racetrack - hailed as Bing's Baby. Bing Crosby greeted the first  fan through the gate as Del Mar opens in 1937. Bing's song "Where the Turf Meets the Surf" opened every day of racing in the early days.
For decades, racing season brought in crowds and Hollywood celebrities to Del Mar, including Jimmy Durante, Lucy and Desi Arnaz, Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickenson, who built homes in Del Mar. Since Seabiscuit won his famous race in 1938, Del Mar Racetrack has hosted the most exciting thoroughbred racing. Today, the Del Mar Racetrack legacy lives on with live thoroughbred racing, stakes races, concerts and events. Opening Day at Del Mar in 2010 drew a record crowd of 45,309 fans.

Del Mar History - The 60's to Now -

The University of California in San Diego was established in 1960 and has influenced the social, cultural, and political life of the area even today. During the 80s, the city was a haven for writers and artists  and gained a higher cosmopolitan profile. Del Mar began years of beautification and preservation, including Seagrove Park and the picturesque seaside shopping center, Del Mar Plaza.
Del Mar Historic Attractions

Del Mar Historic Attractions -

Born in 1985, the Del Mar Historical Society houses memorabilia, photos and exhibits. Check out the Alvarado House, the first lot built in Del Mar, at the San Diego County Fairgrounds. During the Fair, the house is open to the public and docents to tell the history of Del Mar. Once a famous church for movie stars, Del Mar Library is a historic landmark worth a visit. Designed by local artists in 2002, a mixed-media mosaic wall frames the historic building.
The wall blends memorabilia and treasures from Del Mar's history and features terracotta birds and wildlife. In Encinitas, the San Dieguito Heritage Museum interprets the history of the San Dieguito River area, including the communities of Del Mar and Solana Beach.
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