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Just down the road from the Del Mar Inn is QUALCOMM. Best known as the company that pioneered Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, which is now used in wireless networks and handsets all over the world. By making very efficient use of radio frequency spectrum, CDMA allows more people to share the airwaves at the same time - without cross-talk, static or interference.
Today, with tremendous advances in CDMA and the advent of complementary technologies such as position location, Internet access and streaming media, QUALCOMM is uniquely positioned to drive the industry forward with a new wave of breakthrough developments.
From communications to transportation, entertainment to the Internet, QUALCOMM's digital and wireless innovations are transforming many industries. QUALCOMM is one of the Del Mar Inn's corporate neighbors, receiving uncompromising rates and service.
The Del Mar Inn is proud to offer corporate specials for our local business friends.
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